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Period Movies Box - Brideshead Revisited (2008) - Reviewed

Brideshead Revisited (2008)
My Overall Rating - 6/10
Brideshead Revisited (2008) - Period Movies Box

I was to dying to see this one for a long time now and finally got the chance yesterday. I don't know if it was my limited sense of grasping things or something else, the movie seemed more or less OBTUSE, to me. Its a screen adaptation of the classic novel by Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited in 1945 and it is disappointing that the movie is not very loyal to the book, though I haven't read it. The casting is good though, Mathew Goode, Emma Thompson, Michael Gambon, Haley Atwell, Ben Whishaw, Felicity Jones and others.

The movie follows the life of Charles Ryder (Mathew Goode), a middle class painter, student at Oxford. The plot develops when Charles befriends sophisticated and erratic aristocrat Sebastian Flyte (Ben Whishaw) and gets introduced to his family at Brideshead. Anyway, there are certain things I wish to point out, firstly, the costumes and the sets are very nice indeed, secondly, Sebastian Flyte wasn't out and out gay, and his affections towards Charles can be termed as 'Man Affection' and not exactly what the movie captures, thirdly, the movie was made with an intention of Epic Drama and that's the reason for the excessive dramatization of the plot and characters, forgetting the underlying theme and details of the novel.

Having said that, I think Mathew Goode is suavely handsome and girls will agree with me. The performances given by the actors are good but somehow the movie hasn't been assembled with sincerity, I feel. It was a nice watch still, and by the way, I would love to revisit Brideshead anytime, for its sheer beauty! If you're a period movie fan, you'll appreciate it for its sets, acting and costume.

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