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Period Movies Box - Northanger Abbey (2007) - Reviewed

Northanger Abbey (2007)
My Overall Rating - 6/10
Northanger Abbey
Well, I watched Northanger Abbey few hours back and I think I should stop watching TV adaptations of Jane Austen's books since not all of them turn out to be as good as Pride & Prejudice (1995)and it disappoints me  . This adaptation stars Felicity Jones (as Catherine Morland), JJ Field (as Henry Tilney), Carey Mulligan, Hugh O' Connor among the rest.

If Persuasion (2007) was the worst adaptation of a Jane Austen novel, this one would only be the second worst I have seen so far. On second thoughts, I think I must not compare it with Persuasion (2007), it would be unfair, since this one has far better sets, scenes, actors and costumes. Still, you won't be able to appreciate the film as one of Austen's delectable work or a movie made on it.

Felicity Jones has done decent work as Catherine Morland, though she looks like a twelve year instead of fifteen. J.J. Field is good and handsome in the role, I liked his voice as well. He looks mature and sufficiently amusing at the same time. Carey Mulligan, well she is the big thing and quite proves herself in a supporting actress role. Actually, she's the best you have in the complete cast.

The movie is too short, just ninety minutes or so, I think that makes a good revision of the actual story. As far as the production is concerned, I was happy to see some raise in the standards as compared to those of Persuasion (2007) (personally, I guess it shows cost cutting and recession hit movie industry so evidently).

If you are a die hard regency era fan and can endure anything in the name of old charm, well, its fine to devote you hour and a half on this movie. Just in case you are looking for something which equals in standard to Pride & Prejudice (1995), you must avoid the movie or you'll be let down deeply.

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