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Period Movies Box - Mansfield Park (1999) - Reviewed

Mansfield Park (1999)

My Overall Rating - 6.5/10

Mansfield Park - Frances O' Connor

Mansfield Park, another masterpiece by Jane Austen. Like all other movies made on Austen's books this one too is a good period drama to watch. The movie stars Frances O' Connor, Jonny Lee Miller, Alessandro Nivolo, Sophia Myles among the rest. The protagonist of the novel is Fanny Price, young and intelligent woman but with a humble background. The story follows Fanny's life at her home with a large family and scarce resources and the years when she is sent to live at her rich aunt's at Mansfield Park.

Let me be very clear at the outset, if you're expecting something which is like Pride and Prejudice, I'm afraid you'd disappointed. Though the leading character of the story is intelligent and good you won't be able to connect with her as much as you did with Elizabeth Bennet or Elinor Dashwood. The movie differs from the novel in more ways than one. Not to ignore, Mansfield Park was the least famous of Jane Austen's books according to the general belief and I think the same. The one thing which I didn't like at all was the change made to the character of Fanny Price. In the novel, Fanny is shown to be shy and timid, never giving her opinions on a topic where as in the movie Fanny is shown as extrovert as any woman could be at that time (we are talking about early 1800s here for God's sake).

Overall, the acting and the performances are good and I don't think that the actors can be blamed for any drawbacks in the movie. The differences made to the plot of the movie from the original book is definitely annoying since they have made changes to the personality of the protagonist herself. Still, the movie is a good one time watch and you won't regret your two hours you invest on it.

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