Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Period Movies Store

I hope all of us are doing well. I have just added a Movie Store to this blog, Period Movies Store.

You can click on the link above the posts and look for your favourite period movies. New titles will be added regularly so don’t forget to come back again.

Should you want any titles to be added feel free to ask for and do tell me how you liked it!
Period Movies Store (snapshot)

Ever After

I so love these fairy tale period dramas I think I am going to make a separate category for these and the animated ones.
Ever After (1998)
Ever after is 1998 fairy tale period movie directed by Andy Tenant, starring Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston and Dougray Scott. The usual drama and comic elements stirred together to serve as period drama.

Drew Barrymore as Danielle
in Ever After (1998)
Barrymore personified the interpretation of Cinderella with her splendid performance. Two dynamite stars in their classic role created extreme magic that’s definitely going to last ever after. The freakishly handsome Dougray played Prince Henry. He graced the screen with hypnotic charm and chivalry. The story covers hard times endured by Danille (Barrymore), daughter of a dead noble man, which she faces with her strong ,opinionated and fierce character. She stands up for a family servant, risking the wrath of her family. Anjelica Huston as Baroness Rodmilla (stepmother) is cold and cruel, constantly abusing Danielle as well as her own daughter, Jacqueline. Megan Dodds as Marguerite is beautiful, pitiless and cruel, truly Rodmilla’s daughter and in end shares her fate.
Anjelica Huston as Baroness Rodmilla
in Ever After (1998)

Ever after is sweet, frothy twist on ancient fable, dramatized with great buoyancy and wit. The detail is incredible, the costumes gorgeous, and the dialogues enrapturing.  The music composed by George Fenton is soothing which goes very well with gorgeous cinematography. In a nutshell, this dramatic movie scores well in terms of lavish scenery, stylish repartee and violent mayhem.

I wonder how many of you like movies like this. I love comments so post!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Christmas Special Period Dramas

This Christmas, what is it going to be - Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife

Now, there is a rumour or maybe it’s true that two of the biggest period dramas will be up against each other this Christmas, the luxurious Edwardian drama, Downton Abbey against the humble and truthful Call the Midwife.

BBC has been a leader in producing some of the most famous period movies and mini series, when it comes to period dramas you know BBC will get it right and strike the chord but with ITV’s Downton Abbey things changed, it was the most viewed television show last Christmas. According to The Guardian, UK, Downton Abbey won over BBC’s East Enders by a huge margin in the last season and at Christmas which means BBC is definitely up to making something worthwhile to get its crown back.

BBC’S Call the Midwife has been the latest and the greatest success in this genre so BBC is planning to produce a Christmas Special Episode and compete against Downton Abbey.

What do you think are Call the Midwife’s chances against the champion Downton Abbey? Personally, I think BBC’s show is going to give a tough fight to ITV. Call the Midwife is a good show, which I enjoyed a lot. It is different from the typical period dramas (like Downton Abbey) which show the riches and the fine cutlery of jobless aristocrats, rather, it shows the life of people of East London in the 1950s, most of whom have limited resources.

Please let me know, which one would you prefer to watch this Christmas, although I know you have bigger plans than watching television, still, Downton Abbey or Call the Midwife?
ITV's Downton Abbey and BBC's Call the Midwife

Monday, 2 July 2012

Period Dramas - Double Treat with Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardi DiCaprio in two period dramas on 25th December this year! 

Leonardo DiCaprio will be starring in two period movies, and guess what, both these movies are expected to release on the same day! It will be THE GREAT GATSBY up against DJANGO UNCHAINED!

In Great Gatsby, Leonardo will be playing the lead character of Jay Gatsby which has already been portrayed by Robert Redford in 1974 movie of the same name. Comparisons will be drawn but I think he'll equal Robert Redford, might even outshine him.

The second movie is, Django Unchained, where Leonardo plays a ruthless and francophile plantation owner, Calvin Candie, so, that's a negative shade.

Both of these period dramas are expected to release on the 25th of this December, which one are you going to watch first?

(L-R) Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby and
Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie in Django Unchained