Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ever After

I so love these fairy tale period dramas I think I am going to make a separate category for these and the animated ones.
Ever After (1998)
Ever after is 1998 fairy tale period movie directed by Andy Tenant, starring Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston and Dougray Scott. The usual drama and comic elements stirred together to serve as period drama.

Drew Barrymore as Danielle
in Ever After (1998)
Barrymore personified the interpretation of Cinderella with her splendid performance. Two dynamite stars in their classic role created extreme magic that’s definitely going to last ever after. The freakishly handsome Dougray played Prince Henry. He graced the screen with hypnotic charm and chivalry. The story covers hard times endured by Danille (Barrymore), daughter of a dead noble man, which she faces with her strong ,opinionated and fierce character. She stands up for a family servant, risking the wrath of her family. Anjelica Huston as Baroness Rodmilla (stepmother) is cold and cruel, constantly abusing Danielle as well as her own daughter, Jacqueline. Megan Dodds as Marguerite is beautiful, pitiless and cruel, truly Rodmilla’s daughter and in end shares her fate.
Anjelica Huston as Baroness Rodmilla
in Ever After (1998)

Ever after is sweet, frothy twist on ancient fable, dramatized with great buoyancy and wit. The detail is incredible, the costumes gorgeous, and the dialogues enrapturing.  The music composed by George Fenton is soothing which goes very well with gorgeous cinematography. In a nutshell, this dramatic movie scores well in terms of lavish scenery, stylish repartee and violent mayhem.

I wonder how many of you like movies like this. I love comments so post!


  1. Ooh, yes, I love this film. I didn't think I would before I saw it - I guess all of us are a little mislead into thinking that just because it seems all fluff and froth it won't actually have merit but that's so not the case.

    Don't you love how resourceful Danielle is?? She's better than the prince in a lot of ways, and he clearly knows that and learns a lot from her. She's so incredibly independent and kick-ass and I love it.

    And yup, the costume and dialogue were great - dialogue especially - from what I remember they didn't let it lag too much into modern diction. Also, they include da Vinci! Which is kind of a random but cool addition that I enjoy :P

    1. Yes, it was surprisingly good. I mean when you see Drew Barrymore in the lead in a period movie you start thinking she would do a Charlie's Angel but she was pretty good.

      The movie is more sensible than it seems, definitely!

  2. What a gorgeous little film this is! I'm not usually a Drew Barrymore fan, but she gave a wonderful performance in Ever After.

    There are so many great eras of period film: Renaissance, Regency, Mideival,'s difficult to stick with just one. :D


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