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Period Movies Box - Ballet Shoes (2007) - Reviewed

Ballet Shoes (2007) - Reviewed
My Overall Rating - 6/10
Ballet Shoes - Period Movies Box

I had to choose between Bright Star and Ballet Shoes and you know by now, I chose the latter. Its TV movie directed by Sandra Goldbacher, starring Emilia Fox, Emma Watson, Yasmin Paige, Lucy Boynton and Richard Griffiths among others. The movie is the second screen adaptation of the popular novel Ballet Shoes by Noel Streetfield.

I have had not-so-pleasant experiences with the movies made for TV (since Persuasion-2007) and that is why I wasn't expecting much from this one though I was keen to watch Emma Watson play a different character than Hermione. She was fine and so were the other two actors, Yasmin Paige and Lucy Boynton. Emilia Fox has done a nice work too. The bad thing is that the movie people have tried to cash in on Emma Watson's STAR status by showing more of her than was needed. Similarly, they have tried to spice up a children's tale just to win more viewers, very gross.

It was only just fine. All the actors have played their part well but there are some really annoying flaws with the screenplay I think. I haven't read the novel and I totally understand that its not possible to capture everything that is there in the book, some changes are fine to work with as far as they end up entertaining the audiences. Just in case you haven't read the book, like me, the movie would look better to you than the ones who have read it, there are some major changes and not all of them are very good.

I don't want to spill out the story but I can't stop myself from saying that the most stupid of all the scenes was the one in which Petrova Fossil (Yasmin Paige) is seen flying plane at the end of the movie with no training at all. Now what's that, some Magic perhaps!

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