Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Three Musketeers (2011) - Reviewed

My Overall Rating - 6.5/10
The Three Musketeers (2011)

I was long waiting for this one to hit the screens and I watched it today, "Soda without fizz"! The Three Musketeers was supposed to be a big movie, atleast I thought so but its disappointing.

The movie stars Mathew Macfadyen (Athos), Luke Evans (Aramis), Ray Stevenson (Porthos), Milla Jovovich (Milady de Winters), Orlando Bloom (Duke of Buckingham), Logan Lerman (D'Artagnan) and others. With a cast this impressive you think that the movie is going to be so worthy but its only-just-acceptable.

The opening shots are very impressive, the introduction to the three musketeers and Milady are shot with some style. The three musketeers have played their part well but D'Artagnan was the 'sore of eyes' for me, through out, you may even say that Logan Lerman is simply 'REPULSIVE'. An actor who is half a foot shorter than the others, gets to capture all the screen in a movie like this, well that's not fair by my standards. It looks like the three musketeers have been left behind by a mouse man.

Orlando Bloom was good to watch, something different from his regular gallant self but there's a lot of room for improvement, I think. Milla Jovovich has done what was expected from her, fight scenes and corset, truly herself. 3-D effects are being highly appreciated, but I think I would have liked it the same even in 2-D.

If you have sometime, some gap to fill in or if you are the type who would watch anything in the name of action and sword fencing, then you must go and watch this movie. In case you're looking for something refreshingly new in the old story, I think you'll be disappointed.

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