Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Downton Abbey Season 1

This is my second post on Downton Abbey and I wish to dedicate a whole new blog to it! The very first of the seven parts of the series sets the plot just right and you're engaged. Lady Mary, the eldest child of the Crawley family cannot inherit the estate of Grantham (being female) and two of her cousins and the ones in the line of the "throne" have died with the sinking of Titanic, one of whom was her fiance. Now, the problem is that Lord Crawley cannot fight with the entail which was written down by his father, Lady Mary cannot be heir the estate and she has lost her prospect. You see, it is such a good idea to introduce the audience with the very 'problem' and the plot of the whole series in the first episode itself.

Dowager Countess of Grantham
- in her element
I tend to make fun of the things I watch, maybe because that's my critical sense but I couldn't find a thing to make fun of, in the complete season. In fact, I loved Maggie Smith's (Dowager Countess of Grantham) one liners, they were so witty and she's such a comic relief in the serious surroundings. Perhaps, as my sister suggested, there is something funny, every episode starting with us watching Labrador's tail, he (I treat animals like they were people) must be credited for that.
Pharaoh -Lord Grantham's Dog

I am all praise about this one, for me, its about perfect. I do have this one complaint, they don't telecast the show in my country so I try hard keeping up with season 2, but I manage somehow. If you wish to watch Downton Abbey Season 2 and it is not available in your country just shoot a mail to me - and I'll give you a link, I can't post it here, it won't be a good thing ;) .

Watch this show for every thing you would like to see in a period movie and be thankful to Julian Fellowes, really, no exaggeration!  

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