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Period Movies Box - North and South (2004) - Reviewed

North and South (2004)
My Overall Rating - 7.5/10
North and South (2004)

It was the first time, for me atleast, that I saw something different from the scenic countryside and palatial buildings in a period piece. North and South is definitely different, real and very well made series. It is based on the novel, North and South by English writer Elizabeth Gaskell.

I have never been so impressed by a TV mini series, it is definitely the best I have seen so far. The story follows the life of the Hale family, the protagonist Margret Hale, her father and mother. As the title suggests, the novel compares the life and people of north and south of the then England but you never really get to see 'south' through out.

Margret Hale, who comes from the south of the country, dislikes north in the starting but eventually makes friends and finds something more profound in the arrogant and unemotional Mr. Thornton (I was simply dazzled **Richard Armitage**). The movie stars Daniela Denby-Ashe (Margret Hale), Richard Armitage (Mr. Thornton), Anna Maxwell Martin, Rupert Evans, Wiiliam Houston and others.

The performances are very genuine and straight. The best thing I liked about the series was that it shows something different from the regular ribbons and bonnets of young ladies, palaces and scenery of England and their extra ordinary fast accents. It shows the working class, the mills, the factory workers and miseries of people, of different classes.

Its a must watch, you'll not be disappointed, trust me!

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