Thursday, 11 August 2011

Period Movies Box - Tangled (2010) - Reviewed

Tangled (2010)
My Overall Rating - 8/10

Tangled - Disney

I think I was really unlucky not to have watched a movie like this when it was still in theater, I guess I couldn't because of my exams! *Curse my College*

Tangled's picture should be placed next to the word "Delightful" in Webster dictionary. Anyway, that was my very weird sense of praising. Honestly, I don't know if there is anything bad about this movie, seriously, from the voice overs to the CG and animation, the scenes and ofcourse RIDER, it is what you can tag as a TREAT!

The story of Rapunzel has been retold and in an amazing fashion. The voice overs have been done by Mandy Moore (Rapunzel), Zachary Levi (Flynn Rider), Donna Murphy (Mother Gothel) and they all have done a very nice job. The jokes are simple and funny, timing is exquisite and I would love to have a dog like that white horse! I loved Pascal (chameleon) he's so mature and sensible, almost like an elder brother! 

Ah! I so loved the movie, I don't know why critiques weren't totally satisfied with it (on second thoughts, I guess they make a living by criticizing everything good!). 

What else can you expect from a movie. Its a total charmer and you'll love it.  As for the title 'Tangled', there's nothing more straight, shiny, silky and strong than Rapunzel's hair, not tangled at all! I wish all the period movies could be remade in animation, that would be so wonderful.

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