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Finding Neverland (2004) - Reviewed

My Overall Rating - 7.5/10
Finding Neverland (2004)

If you're one of those people who haven't seen Johnny Depp in any movie apart from The Pirates of the Caribbean then I think this movie would be a very nice change. Finding Neverland is a movie about the play write J.M. Barrie (Depp) and how he got the inspiration to create Peter Pan.

Llewelyn Davies Family - Finding Neverland
The movie is directed by Marc Foster and the screenplay is by David Magee. It also boasts of an excellent starcast, Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Julie Christie, Dustin Hoffman, Freddie Highmore, Radha Mitchell among the rest.

The story begins with J.M. Barrie not being happy with the lukewarm response to his play on the opening night. On a sunny day, in a park J.M. Barrie comes across the Llewelyn Davies family with four young boys and their widowed mother Sylvia (Winslet). With each passing day Barrie's affection for the Llewelyn Davies family grows and this paves a way for a fairy tale. The story then proceeds showing the people and the events that led to the creation of one of the best children's books ever, PETER PAN.
Johnny Depp as J.M. Barrie in
Finding Neverland

This period drama is definitely one of those which preserves the innocence and at the same time reflects the difficulties of life. The complete cast has done a great job and this is exactly what was expected from them.

Johnny Depp as J.M. Barrie is a delight to watch, though I think some of his scenes alongside Kate Winslet show signs of weakness but that's fine because Winslet can make anyone look inferior. His accent is not exactly what is was supposed to be but its impressive all the same.
Kate Winslet as Sylvia Llewelyn Davies in
Finding Neverland

Kate Winslet, as expected from her, gives a powerful and emotional performance, she'll make you cry that's one thing for sure. It takes hardly one or two scenes to connect to her character Sylvia, a widowed mother of four boys with no money at all.

Freddie Highmore as Peter Llewelyn Davies in
Finding Neverland

Freddie Highmore, this young kid (well I shouldn't be calling him kid) is superb. Somehow I find him so cute and innocent and highly sensible, all at the same time. When a twelve year old kid gets a chance to act in front of biggies like Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp, well I can't imagine if anyone could do better than this.

Overall the movie is great to watch, with or without kids. The acting, the background music and the costumes, all are impeccable. You need to free one of your evenings and watch this period drama.

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