Saturday, 8 October 2011

Oliver Twist (2005) - Reviewed

My Overall Rating - 7/10

Another Charles Dickens story and I think the most famous of them all, for me atleast. Oliver Twist is the retelling of the classic story, movie directed by Roman Polanski, which means you can have high expectations.
Ben Kingsley as Fagin

Surprisingly, this story has been made and remade over twenty times for TV and big screens and therefore it faces much competition and critics. Oliver Twist is a very well made movie, very good casting and story telling, it actually takes you back to early 1800s. Some of the characters which stood out were Ben Kingsley as Fagin, Leanne Rowe as Nancy and Barney Clark as Oliver Twist.

Barney Clark as Oliver Twist (center)
All of us are familiar with the story, its Charles Dickens typical gloomy tale which ends well. If you don't know the story, a word of caution for you, its not about Queen or other royalties so you won't be watching palaces and garden, its a story of a poor and polite orphan, Oliver Twist. The performances and screenplay are both very good and I think you'll enjoy the movie just as I did.

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