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Jane Eyre (1996) - Reviewed

JANE EYRE (1996)


The movie stars William Hurt, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Anna Paquin, Fiona Shaw, Joan Plowright among the rest, English casting is usual in period dramas. It is the third screen adaptation of the book Jane Eyre by English author Charlotte Bronte (one of the three famous Bronte sisters). The story follows the life of Jane Eyre, orphaned at a young age then sent to live with her cruel aunt and after that to a brutal school for girls. It tells about the misery of the protagonist in her early years of life and the years that follow.

It is said to be loosely based on the author's own life and the school she was sent to. The story is full of sorrow and hardships until Jane starts working as a governess. The characters have been built up adequately and the plot development is also very good.

One of the attractions of the movie would be Anna Paquin playing young Jane Eyre and she has done the job very nicely. Lead performances by Charlotte Gainsbourg and William Hurt are very engaging.

The movie has been made with maturity and unnecessary glitz has been avoided. Its a serious movie and you won't find the characters laughing very often, even smiles are rare. Majority of the movie seems like a tragedy but its a good movie. I won't tell you the climax over here, you should rather watch it yourself. Overall, a good, period drama!

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