Monday, 18 July 2011


Hello Movie-watchers!

Do you have an eye for period movies but don't come across them as often as you would want to? Well, this was the case with me. I love costume dramas and movie adaptations of classic English novels but the problem was that I had to search for them for hours and finally get few names. Pardon my saying, but the screen has been flooded with poor romantic comedies of late and that is one thing I really hate. I think there is something special, dignified in period movies. In period movies you could see people arguing with each other without saying the F-word; they bowed to each other and didn't use short forms and other silly acronyms.

One could say that the Film Suggestions option on an IMDb page is helpful for finding movies of your choice, but I think hand picked movie list would serve us better than bots working for a website. Of course, I don't blame IMDb, its one of the best things that has happened to the movie industry all over the world, great deal of information.

Anyway, having conveyed the idea of this blog I would like to say that praising and appreciating period movies would not make us ancient, so we might as well share our movie list and enjoy doing so!

I would expect you to be back soon and I assure you that I will not prove you wrong.

Happy Watching!

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