Monday, 7 November 2011

From Time to Time (2009) - Reviewed

My Overall Rating - 7/10
Form Time to Time (2009) - Period Movie Box 

I had more than one reason to watch From Time to Time (2009), for starters, its a period movie directed by Julian Fellowes and this was good enough for me. It is based on a novel by Lucy M. Boston and the screen adaptation has been penned down by Julian Fellowes himself. The story of a young boy (Tolly) who discovers that he can travel between two worlds, the present and that of two centuries old, while staying at his family place and he finds out about his family secrets.

The second reason to watch this movie - two of my favorite actors, Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville, both of whom are prominent in period cinema.

Maggie Smith as Mrs. Olknow
From Time to Time (2009)
Maggie Smith plays Mrs. Oldknow, Tolly's grandmother and the oldest living member of the Oldknow family. As is with me, I happen to think that every movie starring Maggie Smith is so much more than satisfactory, and so was this one, she never leaves me disappointing!

Hugh Bonneville as Captain Oldknow
From Time to Time (2009)

Hugh Bonneville plays Captain Oldknow, good man who has wolves for family and staff members, except for his daughter Susan whom he loves dearly and more so because she is not blessed with eyesight. Now, Captain Oldknow is a part of the Oldknow family from two centuries back, hope you understand.

I enjoyed the movie fairly well and I think it is something different from the usual period drama movies we get to watch, it has got some imagination to it. There is this question Tolly asks in the movie, "why is it that only some us can watch the ghosts and others can't", to which Mrs. Oldknow replies that, probably because others are very involved in matters concerning themselves and they are not open to the rest of the world.

Alex Etel as Tolly
From Time to Time (2009)
The child actor, protagonist of the story, Alex Etel looks very plain at times but he's just as innocent as Tolly should be. Other actors have done heir part very well, as was expected from a premium cast.

So, I think even younger kids will be able to enjoy a period movie for a change, because all you need for time travel is a torch and an open mind!

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  1. This film a favorite of mine. I've only seen it once but really enjoyed it and hope to review it sometime soon. :)

  2. I am glad to know that Miss Laurie :)

  3. A delight to watch.
    i have always loved Maggie smith!


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