Sunday, 27 November 2011

The King's Speech (2010) - A Review

This is a guest post by Mary Albert.
The King's Speech 
The King's Speech, a period movie released in 2010, was written by acclaimed writer David Seidler and much-admired director Tom Hopper.  The movie concentrates on the private lives of a famous historical figure, King George VI, otherwise known as Bertie, and his Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue.  The story narrated how the latter helped King George VI in controlling and understanding his stammer, which had been tormenting the king since his childhood.

At some point of the story, The King's Speech has somehow illustrated a morganatic relationship between King George VI and his speech therapist, which was eventually intensified by the astute wife of King George VI.  The period movie exemplifies a political and social setting, which were intelligently and carefully interlaced in the film.  These include the national hopelessness occurring in the country, the emergence of international political philosophy or movement known as movement, and the onset of the mass media as a compelling factor in the lives of every society.

With regard to the film's historical significance, it explores various critical past events that have been regarded as prominent incidents in world history.  It includes events such as the death of George V in 1936, the account of the first sovereign to address his subjects by means of radio, the succession of Edward VIII as the new ruler, Edward VIII's instant resignation with the intention of marrying Wallis Simpson, an American double divorcee, and the crowning of George VI, amongst many others.

Despite the film concentrating on King George VI's triumphant over is grave disability, the period movie is still not considered as something that is over-romantic or victorious.  Some of the principal themes of  "The King's Speech" include bravery, responsibility, and the need to put duty higher than individualistic pleasures or contentment.  For this reason, one can consider this period movie as one of the most compelling works of Stephen Frears.

--Mary Albert

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