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The Remains of the Day (1993) - Reviewed

My Overall Rating - 7.5/10

The Remains of the Day - 1993

The Remains of the Day is the screen adaptation of the novel by the same name, authored by Kazuo Ishiguro. Its starcast is excellent, Anthony Hopkins(Stevens), Emma Thompson(Miss Kenton), James Fox, Christopher Reeve, Ben Chaplin and Hugh Grant.

Anthony Hopkins as Stevens
The Remains of the Day

Emma Thompson as Miss Kenton
The Remains of the Day
James Fox as Lord Darlington
The Remains of the Day
The story starts with Stevens receiving a letter from Miss Kenton, telling him about the nostalgia of the time when she used to work alongside him at Darlington Hall, about twenty years back. Stevens has shown to be the head butler at Darlington Hall and after Lord Darlington's death, one of the remaining servants who still serve the mansion which now belongs to a retired Congressmen from America.

Hugh Grant as Reginald Cardinal
The Remains of the Day
I couldn't stop myself from watching this movie and there was no reason in doing so either. When you see a starcast like this one, you just feel like fixing your eyes on the screen from casting to credits. There's no doubt that the movie is excellent, in every field you can think of, especially acting. Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson have delivered what is expected from them - flawless performance. I felt like there were moments when Anthony Hopkins actually surpassed Emma Thompson on the screen. The settings, the locations, screenplay and every detail you could possibly find through naked eyes, have been taken care of.

I am in no position of passing my reviews on a movie like this, still, just for the sake, WATCH IT! Its one of those masterpiece you would like to spend your cash on buying BluRays and DVDs. Absolute treat!

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