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Period Movies Box - Most Prominent Faces of Period Cinema - Maggie Smith


I thought of posting about the actors and actresses who have been very prominent when it comes to Period Cinema. Since there are many on the list, I'll be posting about them in parts in different posts (posts will be labelled as Prominent Face or PF).

To start with, I am going to write about one of my most favorite acting personalitie in the world, one of the most celebrated actresses and iconic Maggie Smith!


BornMargaret Natalie Smith
28 December 1934 (age 76)
Ilford, London, England
Other namesDame Maggie Smith
Years active1952–present
    (Source - Wikipedia)

'One of the world's most famous and distinguished actress', as quoted on IMDb and so she is. She has also won the Oscar two time for her performances in The Prime of Jean Brodie(1969) and California Suite(1978).

No matter what your age is, I am sure you must have seen this marvel on screen since she is extremely versatile. Younger fans know her by the name of Prof. McGonnagal in the Harry Potter series. The works of Smith are numerous and more so excellent. If we were to start discussing all her works I guess I will have to write another blog or two, all in her praise so I will only write down the names of the period movies she has worked in.

The list is famous!

  • Quartet -1981
  • A Room with a View - 1985
  • Washington Square - 1997
  • David Copperfield - 1999
  • Gosford Park - 2001
  • Becoming Jane - 2007
  • Capturing Mary - 2007
  • Time to Time - 2009
  • Downtown Abbey - 2010-2011
The second season of Downtown Abbey is about to go air and we will see her on the screen soon!

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