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Period Movies Box - Emma Thompson - Prominent Faces of Period Cinema

Emma Thompson
Period Movies Box - Emma Thompson

Born15 April 1959 (age 52)
Paddington, London, England, United Kingdom
OccupationActor, comedian, screenwriter
Years active1979–present
SpouseKenneth Branagh (1989–1995; divorced)
Greg Wise (2003–present; 2 children)
(Source - Wikipedia)

If you watch movies and call yourself a movie buff, I'm sure you know about Emma Thompson. She's one of the finest living actors in the world, I think so. Her presence on the screen or her name in the casting is a good enough reason for me to watch any movie. 

Not just that, she has also won Academy Award for Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published for Sense & Sensibility! She is one of those artists who are not bothered if they're going to look beautiful on screen, rather, they must look genuine and impressive. 

Her characters are just as true as her dedication, my favorite one is Elinor Dashwood, for sure! The list of her period movies-

If only I could continue writing, I wouldn't stop counting her merits. In short, if you get a chance to see any Emma Thompson, go for it, they offer more than entertainment!

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