Saturday, 23 June 2012

Anna Karenina (2012)

Finally, the long awaited trailer of Joe Wright's ANNA KARENINA is here. I am sure the movie is going to be grand, the music will be great and there will be more drama than what we are anticipating, that is the case with all his movies, they turn out to be some visual treats. Now, what I am apprehensive about, some originality of the story is going to go missing and I absolutely loathe Aaron Johnson as Count Vronsky (I like him otherwise).

Anyway, it will be enjoyable and I think, Keira will do justice with the role of the tragic heroine. 


  1. The trailer reminds me very much of recent The Great Gatsby trailer - I think it will be just as grand...perhaps both Oscar contenders against Les Miserables? :D

    1. Yes, I think so Katy. Since all these are remakes (on even ground) let us see which one stands out this year at the Oscars.


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