Saturday, 11 August 2012

America Hot on Period Movies

Now fans of the American period dramas won’t be deprived much since movies on American history are releasing this year and the next, let’s have a look:
Daniel Day Lewis as Abraham Lincoln,
 Licoln (2012)
  • Lincoln (16th November, 2012) – the movie is much anticipated, for two reasons I suppose, firstly, it is directed by STEVEN SPIELBERG (which is quite enough to draw traffic to the screens for about a month) and secondly, Lincoln remains to be a famous figure in American history, having said that, none other than Daniel Day Lewis is playing the part, which makes it official that the movie is going to be a big one at the year’s end.
Bill Murray (as FDR) and Laura Linney,
Hyde Park on Hudson

  • Hyde Park on Hudson (7th December, 2012) - again this movie is about a U.S. President and a very famous one, Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). Unlike Lincoln, this movie is going to be a bit away from politics as it focuses on the love affair between FDR and one of his distant cousin. It brags a powerful cast, Bill Murray as FDR and Laura Linney as his lady love.
  • The Butler (2013) – looks like U.S. Presidents and their lives have certainly turned very interesting, as well as the lives of the people around them because this movies centres on the life of a butler of the White House who served EIGHT presidents over a time period of thirty years. Expect good performance since the lead is played by Forest Whitaker (as Eugene Allen) and then there are the presidents, all shiny and handsome.

  • The Normal Heart (2014) – is a movie about the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York in the 80’s and the work done for it by a gay Jewish-American man as he founded a prominent HIV advocacy group. Mark Ruffalo (as Ned Weeks) is in the lead, also, Alec Baldwin and Julia Roberts are starring which makes it good enough for me to watch this one (just that I don’t want Mark Ruffalo gay, he’s so charming).

Well, that’s that, American Period Drama fans won’t be starved for too long now that they have four mighty movies coming their way. Also, just in case you like American period movies (which I am sure you do) and haven’t watched The Conspirator, go ahead and feast yourself.


  1. I'm a bit of a history buff, so I'm looking forward to some period films coming out soon. I'm most excited for Lincoln on this list - I hadn't heard of the others. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Katy! I am excited for Lincoln too because Daniel Day Lewis is one my all time favorite. I hope they keep all the facts in place and don't make him a Vampire Slayer ;)

  2. Wow, what an influx of 'presidential' movies. And period drama ones as well. Daniel Day Lewis looks like a dead ringer for Abe Lincoln!
    The Normal Heart looks interesting - Mark Ruffalo doesn't really seem to have done period movies before, but he IS an excellent actor and his role looks like a juicy one.

    1. Exactly, I too was surprised to see Daniel Day Lewis as the digitally improved Lincoln. This movie is going to be grand!


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