Thursday, 28 February 2013

Drama and more Drama

Many of you must have watched the movie 'Midnight in Paris' and I am sure most of you would have liked it, I loved it. There's something very original and honest about it, the way Woody Allen has captured nostalgia and the love for a period and then justified it towards the end of the drama, I think it was very original and out of the box.

Searching for the 'nostalgic moments' in movies I came across a series of episodes on the same on this site BLIP. If you think of watching television drama and drama series and what not, this is one site for all of you. Don't get me wrong, it is not one of those steal-and-upload-illegally sort of a place. It is TOTALLY legal, in fact the professional and new age directors upload their dramas on this site as a part of the new and overwhelming medium known as Web Television (we all have Internet connections but not all of us have TVs you see). It is convenient and yes, FREE!
You'd be surprised to browse through the far and wide collection of videos this site has and all for free. It is not restricted to drama series alone, you just name the category, cartoons and comics, comedy drama series, fashion, DIY, news and technology, health and fitness, etc etc.

There are staff favorites and audience favorites so you can pick whatever you like or start browsing them all alphabetically. This site is uncommonly clean and user friendly, you won't find unnecessary user comments and curses (unlike some of the other ^famous^ video sites).

Nothing happens on the Internet which could/should not be shared on Facebook (except your bank details) so you can connect your Facebook account and share with your friends whatever it is that you're watching. Other social networking sites could also be used.

Next time when you want to see some really nice drama (or anything else) do visit BLIP and enjoy yourself. It is one of the best video sites I have come across in a long time.


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